Public Notice: Political Broadcasts & Political Advertisements

Political Broadcasts & Political Advertisements
The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (‘URCA’) issues this notice in accordance with Section 8(1)(e) of the Communications Act, 2009.

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas will hold a bye-election in the West Grand Bahama and Bimini constituency on 22 November 2023. In preparation for the Advance Poll and Election Day, URCA reminds its Broadcast Licensees of the Code of Practice for Content Regulation – ECS08/2020 (“the Code”), specifically, Part 6-Political Broadcasts & Political Advertisements.

Part 6 of the code sets the standards applicable to the broadcast of political advertisements and election programmes both preceding and during a Parliamentary general election. Specifically, URCA reminds its broadcast licensees of their obligation to comply with the provisions of the Code relative to Political Broadcasts and Political Advertisements on advance polling day, election day, bye-election day and referendum day until the close of all polling stations.

To access the complete Code of Practice for Content Regulation – ECS08/2020 (“the Code”), please click here.

31 October 2023