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URCA publishes first round responses for the Preliminary Determination on the Retail Fixed Market Review.

On 28 February 2024, URCA published its preliminary findings on its market review of retail fixed electronic communications services in The Bahamas and launched a two-round consultation to receive public feedback. URCA now publishes the responses from The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited (‘BTC’) and The Cable Bahamas Limited Group (‘CBL Group’) received during the first round of consultation. The CBL Group’s response was redacted to protect commercially sensitive information. As part of the second round, URCA invites public feedback on the views of the first-round respondents. The deadline to respond is Monday, 10 June 2024.  For further information, please contact:…

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 URCA Publishes Competition Guidelines for the Electronic Communications and Electricity Sectors 

 Market openness and vigorous competition are crucial as they create incentives for firms to be more efficient and innovative.  When firms compete, they strive to offer better products and services at lower prices which ultimately benefits consumers and businesses by providing more choices, improved quality, and cost-effective options.  This is particularly true for the Electronic Communications Sector (ECS) and Electricity Sector (ES) as they underpin all other areas of the economy of The Bahamas. In this context, URCA is publishing Competition Guidelines - URCA 05/2024.  The revised guidelines address URCA's expanded scope of regulatory oversight.  Originally, guidelines were prepared for…

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