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Consumer Centre

Promoting the Interest of the Public

Through its role as regulator, URCA is mandated to develop policies and procedures which ensure protection of consumers and the promotion of sustainable competition to ensure that all participants in the market have a level playing field, and provide services which are of the highest standards at the best possible price.

In promoting interest of the public, URCA must also ensure that the country’s natural resources such as spectrum and numbers used to provide telecommunications services, are managed so as to ensure the further development of the sector in the interest of the public.

Commitment to Public Engagement

Through sustained public awareness campaigns and public education, URCA will ensure that consumers are fully apprised of developments in the regulated sectors, and what if any impact changes in the sectors over time, will have on consumers and the services provided.  URCA is committed to providing consumers throughout The Bahamas information on the regulated sectors as well as information about URCA and its work to enable residents to fully benefit from a well regulated electronic communications and electricity sectors.

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