• The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (“URCA”) in accordance with section 55(2) of the Communications Act, 2009 now publishes as its Revised Code of Practice for Content Regulation (“the Revised Code”) that is to be observed by Licensees providing audiovisual media services in The


  • This Revised Code is informed by the consultation process which commenced on 13 December 2019, when URCA published its Consultation Document “Proposed Revision of the Revised Code of Practice for Content Regulation – ECS 72/2019” containing its proposed amendments to the Revised Code. URCA received submissions from three (3) respondents, two of which were from Licensees, and one from an interested party. URCA considered each submission and made relevant changes to the Revised Code in light of the responses received. URCA’s detailed consideration of the responses, including explanations of instances when it did not adopt proposals made by respondents, is set out in the Statement of Results and Final Decision – ECS 07/2020 document. URCA is satisfied that, having engaged the Content Regulation Industry Group (CRIG) in URCA’s review of the Revised Code, URCA’s public consultation and subsequent revisions made by URCA, the Revised Code is fit-for-purpose and contains appropriate community safeguards that reflect international best practice whilst also taking into account the cultural and social standards in The


  • This Revised Code repeals and replaces any Code of Practice for Content Regulation issued by URCA prior to the date of issuance of the Revised Code.