URCA Publishes Two Documents Today; Final Determination on SMP and Quarterly Report of the Board

Firstly, URCA publishes its Preliminary Determination on the Types of Obligations on operators with Significant Market Power (SMP) on 30 September 2009. Having regard to the comments received during the consultation period, and for the reasons set out in Annex A to this Final Determination, the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) hereby issues a Final Determination that it does not intend at this time to issue an order under section 95 of the Communications Act and closes the section 100 process and timelines.

In accordance with section 116(3)(b) of the Communications Act, BTC and CBL submitted proposed obligations on 22 January 2010, which in their view are suited to the objective in section 116(2), subject to section 114, of encouraging, promoting and enforcing sustainable competition, having had due regard to the preliminary views expressed by URCA when issuing the Preliminary Determinations. URCA will review the proposed obligations submitted by BTC and CBL within the three (3) months prescribed in section 116(3)(c) and accept, object or request changes to the proposed obligations to ensure that they satisfy section 116(2) by 22 April 2010.

Secondly, URCA is pleased to publish its first quarterly report of the Board. This report summarises its key activities during its first quarter of operation. It is provided for information purposes, with the objective of improving accountability and transparency of URCA.