URCA Publishes the Remainder of its Competition Guidelines

In fulfillment of its commitment to publish a series of comprehensive Guidelines on the application of the competition provisions set out in Part XI of the Communications Act, URCA has today published the remainder of its Competition Guidelines in one document as ECS COMP. 4 to ECS COMP. 9. This document covers the following subjects:

Who is covered by the competition provisions? The concept of “undertaking” (ECS COMP.4.)

Market definition – its role in competition law (ECS COMP.5.)

Anticompetitive agreements – substantive guidance (ECS COMP.6.)

Abuse of a dominant position – substantive guidance (ECS COMP.7.)

Guidance on the level of fines for breaches of Part XI of the Communications Act (ECS COMP.8.)

How to make a competition complaint – guidance on URCA’s investigation procedure (ECS COMP. 9.)

Stakeholders wishing to submit comments on the Guidelines should submit them to URCA by 30th June 2010.

The document can be downloaded under the tab “Competition Policy” on this site.