URCA Publishes Position Paper on Types of Obligations

URCA today publishes a Position Paper on Types of Obligations on BTC and CBL under Section 116(3) of the Communications Act. The purpose of the Paper is to set out URCA’s current thinking on the types of obligations, and the reasons for possible changes to the Preliminary Determination issued in September 2009. This document is not a statement of results. It does not discuss all submissions and data received in detail, nor does it repeat the original analysis unless necessary: readers of this document should refer to the Preliminary Determinations and Draft Orders (which may be downloaded from URCA’s website at www.urcabahamas.bs) where applicable and to the submissions by stakeholders for a full list of all non-confidential information received.

URCA urges interested parties to submit any comments they have at the earliest possible time and ideally by 31 March 2010.

The document can be downloaded on the site under the tab “Publications” consultations.