URCA issues statement regarding Change on Control in 103.5 FM

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) has noted various statements being made in the public domain in relation to the operation and/or ownership of the Radio Broadcasting station operated on the frequency 103.5 FM. URCA, as the regulator for the electronic communications sector in The Bahamas, is responsible for the licensing of all radio broadcasting frequencies, and of persons who operate FM radio stations in The Bahamas.

URCA’s decision made on 15 June 2017 in relation to the application submitted on behalf of Mr. Frank Rutherford and Mrs. Blossie Smith (widow of the late Phillip Smith), in which the parties sought the transfer of licences relating to the frequency 103.5 FM, to Paramount Systems Ltd, has been published and is available for download at the link below. During its consideration of that application URCA sought, received and considered representations from all persons involved with the licence, including Navette Broadcasting & Entertainment Co. Ltd.

Pursuant to that decision, Paramount Systems Ltd. is the licensee of record in respect of the frequency 103.5 FM, with the right to exclusive and uninterrupted use of that frequency.

The original decision can be found at: https://urcabahamas.bs/decisions/change-control-regard-103-5-fm/