URCA Issues Statement of Results to Draft Annual Plan for 2024 Consultation

 The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA), responsible for the regulation of the electronic communications and electricity sectors in The Bahamas, today published its Statement of Results from the public consultation on the Draft Annual Plan for 2024. This document outlines URCA’s responses to feedback received from stakeholders and details the next steps in finalizing its strategic and operational direction for the coming year. 

After inviting comments from stakeholders, URCA received valuable insights from the Bahamas Telecommunication Company (BTC), Cable Bahamas Limited and Be Aliv Limited (CBL Group), and individual contributor Samuel Samon Thompson. The feedback provided a critical analysis of the Draft Annual Plan, emphasizing the need for strategic alignment, fiscal prudence, and clear communication of objectives and initiatives. 

CBL Group Joint Response to URCA’s 2024 Draft Annual Plan

Samuel Samon Thompson – URCA 2024 Draft Annual Plan comments 

BTC Response to URCA’s Draft Annual Plan 2024

URCA Annual Plan 2024 Statements of Results 

URCA Press Release on Statement of Results on Draft Annual Plan 2024 Consultation

URCA intends to hold a stakeholder forum on 25 March 2024, to present the Annual Plan for 2024 and allow for further stakeholder input. The Final 2024 Annual Plan will be published on URCA’s website by 30 April 2024. Additionally, a public oral hearing will be scheduled to discuss the 2024 Annual Plan and the 2023 Annual Report in detail, with further information to be announced. 

URCA appreciates the contributions from all stakeholders and remains dedicated to regulating the electronic communications and electricity sectors in a manner that supports national development, enhances sector efficiency, and aligns with the needs of The Bahamas. 

Media Contact: 

Juan McCartney 

Corporate and Consumer Relations Manager 

Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority 


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