URCA on Guardian Radio Morning Show

URCA CEO and DPR on 96.9 FM

URCA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kathleen Smith and Director of Policy and Regulation (DPR) Stephen Bereaux, appeared on the Guardian Radio, 96.9 FM’s live radio show Morning Blend on Wednesday September 5th, to discuss the recently launched public consultation on Cable Bahamas Limited’s (CBL) application to increase the price of the SuperBasic [RevTV Prime] cable television package.

Smith and Bereaux explained details of the consultation to Morning Blend co-hosts Dwight Strachan and Farrell Goff and also fielded questioned from callers into the show. DPR Bereaux is scheduled to appear on the Bahamas@Sunrise television show on Friday September 7th and both he and CEO Smith are set to appear on the Guardian Radio show “Jeffrey” Monday September 10th. A public meeting is scheduled for Tuesday September 11th at 6:30 p.m. at the Holy Cross Anglican Church in Highbury Park off Soldier Road.

Photos by Donald Knowles


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URCA CEO on 96.9FM's Morning Blend      URCA DPR on 96.9FM's Morning Blend