URCA Board Addresses Conflict Claims

During The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority’s (URCA) town meeting last evening to discuss Cable Bahamas Limited’s (CBL) application for a price increase in its SuperBasic [REV TV Prime] cable TV package, the issue of a conflict of interest arose when a member of the public questioned the business relationship of URCA Chairman Randol Dorsett with the cable operator.

Mr. Dorsett, who is a partner in the law practice of Graham Thompson and Co., has represented Cable Bahamas in legal matters prior to his appointment as Chairman on 1st August 2012. Upon his appointment as URCA’s Chairman, representation of CBL by his law firm was assigned to other attorney’s in the Firm. Mr. Dorsett no longer has any such dealings with Cable Bahamas Limited or any other licensee of URCA. These facts were disclosed to URCA by Mr. Dorsett upon his appointment as Chairman. Mr. Dorsett also took a decision not to sit on any matters which are brought to the Board in which his Firm represents any licensee. Upon Mr. Dorsett’s disclosure of these matters the Board accepted that appropriate and satisfactory measures had been put in place to deal with any claims of a conflict of interest. At its August 2012 meeting the Board also decided to publish these facts on its website in its quarterly report of Board activities, which report becomes due in October.