URCA Appoints General Counsel

General Counsel, V. Wallace-Whitfield

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. C. Vincent Wallace-Whitfield as General Counsel with effect from August 1, 2012.

Mr Wallace-Whitfield joined the Public Utilities Commission, which preceded URCA, December of 2006 as Senior Legal Counsel, and later as Senior Case Officer, following the 2009 establishment of URCA. In these capacities, he oversaw legal affairs, in support of the organisation’s policy and regulatory functions. He has additionally served on and/or advised various internal committees including Pensions, Salary Review and Executive Committees.

The General Counsel is responsible for the provision of a full range of high level professional legal services and advice, in support of URCA’s quasi-judicial role of ensuring enforcement of the provisions of the URCA Act, The Communications Act, and other legislative instruments.

Mr. Wallace-Whitfield also serves as Secretary to URCA’s Board, since September 2009. In this capacity, he retains responsibility for the administration of Board and Audit Committee meetings, and ensures URCA’s compliance with its governance obligations.

A former Stipendiary and Circuit Magistrate and Acting Magistrate in various Courts, including Criminal and Civil, and Domestic Courts, the attorney-at-law has brought a wealth of experience and expertise to URCA; including several years in private practice and in public service throughout The Bahamas. A member of the Bahamas Bar Association, he was admitted to The Bahamas Bar on August 1st in 1980.

Mr. Wallace-Whitfield’s appointment is for a five-year term.