Responses to Public Consultation on SMP in Call Termination for Mobile for NewCo

On 15 July 2016 , URCA published for consultation its “Preliminary Determination on the Assessment of Significant Market Power in Mobile Call and Short Messaging Termination Services on NewCo2015 Limited’s Cellular Mobile Network in The Bahamas pursuant to Section 39(1) of the Communications Act, 2009” (ECS 17/2016).

In this document, URCA made determinations regarding the definition of markets, the existence of NewCo having significant market power (SMP) in those markets and the extent to which ex-ante regulation is appropriate in those markets.

At the close of the initial response period (i.e., 15 August 2016) URCA received written comments from Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd. (BTC) and NewCo2015 Limited (NewCo). Interested parties are now invited to further comment on responses made by BTC and NewCo by 5:00 p.m. on or before 19 September 2016. Directions for the submission of comments are contained in the consultation document, which can be found below.

Upon consideration of written responses, URCA will publish a Final Determination on the results of the consultation.

URCA encourages respondents to adhere to the new deadline for making written submissions on the first round responses.