Press Release: Consumer Protection Regulations for the Electricity Sector in The Bahamas

28th September 2020


On the 28th September 2020, the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) published its consultation document “Consumer Protection Regulations for the Electricity Sector in The Bahamas”, (ES 11/2020).

URCA is issuing this consultation document pursuant to section 42(1) of the Electricity Act 2015, which requires URCA to consult the public on measures of public significance. URCA considers consumer protection within the Electricity Sector to be of public significance. The regulatory measures as contained in the consultation document are likely to have a substantial impact on the public once issued by URCA.

The purpose of this consultation document is to develop a consumer protection framework specifically for the Electricity Sector providing, inter alia, for:

  1. consumer sales, customer contracts and provision of service ;
  2. consumer obligations;
  3. billing;
  4. complaint Handling;
  5. licencee reporting obligations; and
  6. quality of Service Standards.

URCA therefore encourages full participation by licensees, stakeholders, interested parties, and members of the public in this consultation process. Respondents are invited to submit written comments and submissions within thirty (30) calendar days from the publication of this consultation document, on or before 5:00 pm, 28th October, 2020.

The full Consultation Document can be found here.

 Respondents may submit written comments and submissions to URCA either:

  1. by hand to the Chief Executive Officer, Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority, Frederick House, Frederick Street, Nassau, Bahamas; or
  2. by email to; or
  3. by mail to P.O. Box N-4860, Nassau, Bahamas; or
  4. by facsimile to (242) 393-0237.

URCA will publish all written responses on URCA’s website at as soon as reasonably practicable after the close of the response date for this consultation document.

Media contact:

Mavis Johnson Collie

Corporate and Consumer Relations Manager

Utilities Regulation & Competition Authority

Nassau, The Bahamas


Facsimile: (242) 393 0153