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URCA Releases 2021 Annual Plan

For Immediate Release

Today the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority URCA, in compliance with its statutory obligations, published its 2021 Annual Plan inviting stakeholders and members of the general public to submit feedback.   The plan provides a summary of 2020 activities, areas of priority for 2021, and the organization’s 2021 budget.

According to newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Mr. J. Carlton Smith, “the Covid-19 Pandemic has highlighted the significance of the Electronic Communications and Electricity sectors to the country’s sustainable operation, particularly in times of crisis.  It emphasized the value of a robust and resilient national telecommunications infrastructure supported by a reliable electricity supply”.

New and emerging technologies are essential components of this global digital revolution and were essential to the country’s ability to pivot and transition to the radical shift in its operations strategy in 2020.  URCA recognizes that investment in new and emerging technologies, influenced by the rapidly evolving digital global society, does not only require visionary and strategic industry leadership to ensure the continued growth and expansion of the sectors, but a regulatory regime with the agility to respond and adapt to the ever-changing national and international societal demands.

URCA looks forward to the continued partnership with industry, consumers and other stakeholders as the organization works to ensure that its focus, projects and regulatory initiatives enable access to telecommunications and electricity services, while ensuring the inclusion of all residents in the global digital revolution. 

URCA’s 2021 work plan will concentrate on:

  • the continued development of the regulatory framework in the Electricity Sector (ES) to support the statutory obligations and position URCA to provide the regulatory oversight required to manage the sector more effectively,
  • the ongoing expansion of the Electronic Communications Sector (ECS),  employing regulatory measures to measure URCA’s impact on the sector and the extent to which the ECS is delivering on the objectives of the Communications Act and identifying the areas where further regulatory intervention is needed to enhance URCA’s effectiveness,  
  • URCA’s mission of “improving lives through effective utilities regulation”. This will serve as the catalyst for URCA’s public education initiatives in 2021, with emphasis on consumer education, complaints handling and the need for stakeholder engagement,  
  • URCA’s creation of a strong digital presence, inclusive of the development of an URCA App, an enhanced, more user friendly website, social media and other online engagements through webinars and other public education initiatives,   
  • the implementation of its Organisational Performance Indices (OPIs), which will provide a robust framework for enhanced focus on  performance within the organisation, and for the measurement of its achievements, and
  • most importantly, a focus on capacity building through attracting, developing and retaining qualified, competent employees to effectively regulate the sectors.

During the consultation period, URCA invites and welcomes comments and submissions from members of the public, licensees, and other interested parties on the matters contained in the draft Annual Plan.   This participation enables the organization to better meet the needs of the general public while balancing the needs of its licensees.

All submissions to this consultation should be submitted by 5 pm on 22 February 2021.  URCA shall endeavour to publish these responses by 5 pm on 1 March 2021. In addition, prior to publication of the Annual Plan and as part of the consultation process, URCA will hold at least one stakeholder forum to present the draft Annual Plan and to allow key stakeholders (licensees, Government agencies, and civil society) an opportunity to provide input. URCA has tentatively scheduled this forum for 10 February 2021.

Written submissions or comments on the draft Annual Plan should be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer, URCA either:

  • by hand  to URCA’s office at Frederick House, Frederick Street, Nassau;
  • by mail to PO Box N-4860, Nassau, Bahamas; or
  • by fax to 242 393 0237; or
  • by email to


Mavis Johnson-Collie

Corporate and Consumer Relations Manager

242 396 5201