Number Portability on Schedule for December 2nd Start

Implementation of Fixed Number Portability (FNP) in The Bahamas is expected to begin on December 2, 2013 as per URCA’s October 29, 2013 Determination. FNP will allow customers switching voice services from one provider to another, to do so without having to change their telephone number. Service Providers have met testing and readiness criteria, making the start possible everywhere in The Bahamas where fixed line telephone service is offered by more than one provider.

In the October Determination [URCA document reference ECS 15/2013] the two service providers, the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) and Cable Bahamas Limited (CBL), were required to meet a November 27th readiness deadline. By that date BTC and CBL were expected to have completed installation and testing of all required systems and processes necessary for FNP implementation. Both operators met the deadline and have demonstrated satisfactory achievement of stipulated testing and readiness criteria. URCA has now issued Certificates of FNP Readiness to BTC and CBL, both by the required November 29th deadline.

According to URCA Director of Policy and Regulation (DPR) Stephen Bereaux, URCA is satisfied with the state of FNP readiness. “We have not only looked at their tests but we have tested the systems ourselves. We’ve tried it, and it works”. The system he says is substantially ready to go and he lauded the efforts of service providers to achieve the December 2nd target. “What our industry has achieved and the timeframes they have achieved it in is best practice in the region, this is a benchmark”.

Do download the full press release, please follow the PDF document link below. You may also download a copy of the Number Portability Information brochure.