Draft Policy for New Specturm Bands – 700MHz, 11GHz, 12GHz and 42GHz

With the publication of a “Draft Policy for New Spectrum Bands – 700MHz, 11GHz, 12GHz and 42GHz” (document reference number ECS 01/2012), today the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) launched a public consultation on the drafting of policy to regulate a planned opening of spectrum bands.

This consultative policy review exercise is the fourth in a seven-step process initiated in October 2010. Earlier steps included industry consultations to assess sector interest in and demand for the proposed band opening. Last May 2011, URCA published a statement of the results arising from these early consultations (document reference number ECS 10/2011, https://urcabahamas.bs/publications.php?cmd=view&id=77&pre=y), in addition to proposed regulatory guidelines (document reference number ECS 11/2011, https://urcabahamas.bs/publications.php?cmd=view&id=78&pre=y). This draft policy document incorporates URCA’s assessments of industry responses to proposed reforms and expressions of interest.

The consultation is also seeking public and industry responses related to specific issues arising from the draft policy document; including comments on proposed interim pricing and licensing terms and conditions for the 700 MHz; and the respective packaging, pricing and licensing issues for the 11 GHz, 12 GHz and 42 GHz bands. This phase of the consultation will close on February 20, 2012. The draft and other relevant documents may be obtained from the URCA website, www.urcabahamas.bs.

The full press release is available by download of the attached PDF document.