Content Codes: Addendum of Errors, Omissions and Corrections


URCA today publishes an “Addendum of Errors, Omissions and Corrections” in a revised version of the final decision on the Content Codes issued March 2, 2012. Among the deletions and corrections, is the deletion of the definition for “major political party” and clarification on broadcasting restrictions for advertisements and sponsorships for alcohol. All revisions are detailed in the above captioned section of the revised Code.

The revised Code may be obtained via the below PDF document link

MARCH 2, 2012

URCA publishes Code of Practice for Content Services

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority today published its Statement of Results and the Final Decision on the widely consulted Code of Practice for Content Services and Audivisual Media Services. The new provisions became effective upon publication of the URCA Decision and repeal and replace the Interim Code of Practice for Political Broadcasts and Broadcasting Content issue by URCA in January and April 2010, respectively.

The Statement of Results (ECS 05/2012), full Code of Practice (ECS 06/2012) and press releases may be downloaded from the PDF files below.