The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) issues this Request for Proposal (RFP) to suitably qualified security services companies to provide guarding services at its Frederick House office building and its Frederick House Parking Lot, both situated on Frederick Street, Nassau, Bahamas (“the Services”). This document outlines the requirements for the said Services and invites interested persons to submit quotations to provide those Services. The successful qualified, security service company shall:

(1) have the necessary experience in security/guarding services and shall provide the required Services as and when required by URCA within the agreed scope and cost;

(2) be licensed to carry out the Services required and be National Insurance Board (NIB) and Department of Inland Revenue (DIR) compliant.

(3) employ only skilled personnel who can pass necessary background checks.

(4) have resources and facilities to manage security personnel and provide appropriate training as may be required to perform the duties herein specified.

(5) ensure that personnel supplied for this contract are polite, firm, disciplined, physically fit and alert and suitably attired in an appropriate uniform (photo to be provided of sample security attire) when attending to duties specified under this contract.

A copy of the full RFP may be downloaded below:

URCA Tender Security Services