Battery Energy Storage: Invitation for Comments

Battery storage systems have the capacity to advance the electricity sector policy and objectives as they enable renewables like solar and wind to be stored and then released when needed. Additionally, advances in battery storage technology have made system of grid stability and energy coordination an important part of the management of the electrical system on a utility scale. Furthermore, URCA has received several inquiries from stakeholders in relation to the facilitate and regulation of battery storage technology in the Bahamian electricity sector.

Having regard to the sector policy which mandates that URCA inter alia promotes the use of renewable energy and environmentally sustainable electricity, URCA remains cognizant of developments in renewable energy technology and their application to the sector. URCA is in the process of developing its position as it relates to what regulatory measures (if any) would be most appropriate to develop in relation to battery storage integration. URCA accordingly invites licensees, consumers and interested parties to submit viewpoints, comments and/or contributions prior to URCA developing a regulatory position.

A copy of the full document can be found below.

Invitation for Comments and Considerations – ES 03-2023