Final Determinations and Orders, Simon Smith, CBS and Pacific Wireless

Pursuant to section 101 of the Communications Act, 2009 (Comms Act) URCA hereby publishes its Final Determinations and Orders issued on September 23, 2011 to the following Licensees:

(a) Simon Smith T/A Island WISP

(b) Complete Business Systems Ltd.

(c) Pacific Wireless Company

The Final Determinations and Orders were issued in accordance with sections 99 and 95 of the Comm Act, respectively, regarding matters arising from the said Licensees failure to pay the annual URCA fee and interest thereon.

In each case, the respective Licensee has breached and continues to breach Condition 1.11.1 and 1.14.1 of the Class Operating Licence Requiring Registration as issued by URCA.

On September 23, 2011 URCA also ordered that the said Licensees pay the outstanding annual URCA Fee and the interest thereon within fourteen (14) calendar days of being served with the Final Determination and Order. In default, URCA will revoke the said licences.

The Final Determinations and Orders may be downloaded via the below PDF document links.