ES 07/2021 – Tariff Review Framework, Guidelines and Procedures for Public Electricity Suppliers

One of the primary roles of URCA is the regulation of the Electricity Sector (ES) in accordance with the goals, objectives and principles underpinning the National Energy and Electricity Sector policies. Accordingly, it is important that URCA effectively monitors and evaluates Licensees’ performance to ensure that the most appropriate and beneficial charge structure is implemented.

In accordance with section 20 of the Electricity Amendment Bill, 2018 URCA’s remit is that rates be based on, among other things, revenue and demand and where necessary, a detailed plan and justification for investment in necessary systems upgrades.

The purpose of this Document is to present a framework guideline of the principles, methodologies and procedures that URCA will use in the rate setting exercise. These guidelines are not intended to be prescriptive.