ECS 71/2019 Final Determination and Order Issued to Cable Bahamas Ltd

This document concludes the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority’s (’URCA’) investigation into Cable Bahamas Limited’s (‘CBL’) compliance with the Retail Pricing Rules and other obligations or regulatory measures.

On 13 September 2019, URCA issued a Preliminary Determination and Draft Order to CBL In the matter of: Breaches of the Retail Pricing Rules and Other Measures (ECS 68/2019). The document stemmed from CBL’s replacement of eight television channels from its REV TV line-up effective 14 June 2019. CBL did not notify URCA until the day before the effective date, i.e., 13 June 2019, and CBL only notified subscribers on the day when the changes came into effect. The affected TV packages along with the channels that were removed, and their respective replacements are outlined in Table 1 below. Table 1 is based on CBL’s initial 13th June letter in addition to its 31 July 2019 correspondence to URCA in which CBL presented data to show that a significant number of its pay TV subscribers were affected by the channel changes.