ECS 27/2017 Consultation on Measures for the Collection and Reporting of Market Data

Today, the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (“URCA”) released its Statement of Results and Final Decision on the “Consultation on Measures for the Collection and Reporting of Market Data by Specified Licensees” (ECS 05/2017). The consultation stems from URCA’s authority under sections 8(1)(k) and (I) and section 5 of the Communications Act, 2009 (the “Comms Act”) and relevant licence conditions relating to market information. The consultation builds on a previous proposal by URCA to receive more frequent market information from licensees and the intent to improve URCA’s overall data collection practice and requirements.

Simultaneously with the publication of the Statement of Results and Final Decision, URCA also publishes its “Market Information Reporting Requirements for Specified Licensees in the Electronic Communications Sector” (ECS 28/2017)This document sets forth URCA’s reporting format and requirements for market statistics and repeals, supersedes and replaces URCA’s current data collection practice. The requirements set out in this document cover the following communications activities:

  • provision of mobile voice and data services;
  • provision of fixed telephony services;
  • provision of fixed broadband and narrowband internet services;
  • provision of pay TV services (include cable and IPTV); and
  • provision of business data connectivity services including national and international leased circuits.

Both documents (ECS 27/2017 & ECS 28/2017) are available for download from URCA’s website at

Failure to comply with the new reporting format and requirements may subject “specified licensees” to the enforcement provisions of the Comms Act, any other relevant law and regulatory or other measures.

For the avoidance of doubt, this process does not apply to or impact licensees regulated by URCA in the Electricity Sector.