ECS 03/2023 Comms Fee Reduction – Final Statement of Results

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (“URCA”) issues its Statement of Results and Final Decision on the Guidance Note for Reductions in the Communications Licence Fee (“Comms Licence Fee”).

URCA issued a Draft Guidance Note for consultation on 1 December 2022. That document had the following objectives:
• to set forth URCA’s understanding of the Government’s policy objectives for the reductions in the Comms Licence scheme and the resulting verification process;
• to set forth the application process for the reductions in the Comms Licence Fee;
• to set forth the principles of how URCA will conduct the verification process, including the timeline for the verification process; and
• to invite comments from stakeholders on URCA’s proposals.

URCA replies to the main comments it has received with the consultation responses, followed by its final position consulted on. In so doing, URCA expressly states that failure on its part to respond in this document to any issue raised by respondents does not necessarily signify agreement in whole or in part with the comment, that it has not considered the comment, or that it considers the comment unimportant or without merit.