URCA 05/2024 – Competition Guidelines

These Competition Guidelines are designed to assist Licensees, and other interested Persons, in understanding how the competition provisions of the Comms Act and the Electricity Act will apply in practice with regards to procedural and substantives aspects and to determine if their conduct complies with these rules.

These Guidelines set out URCA’s position on Competition Law principles but do not legally bind URCA. Whilst it is expected that URCA will follow the principles and approach outlined in these Guidelines, URCA reserves the right to consider other factors not covered in these Guidelines where necessary. URCA will undertake its assessment on a case-by-case basis, with due account being taken of all the facts of the case and the dynamics of competition on the relevant market.

Other interested Persons such as the general public or Customers (including consumers such as residential and businesses) may also file complaints to URCA if they were to suspect any anticompetitive conduct.

URCA will review and update these Guidelines from time to time to take account of best practice and to reflect developments in legal interpretation and economic thinking.

A Full PDF of the document can be found below.

URCA 05/2024 – Competition Guidelines