ECS 05/2019 Preliminary Determination Revise Licence Exempt Spectrum and Guideline for Type Approval of Licence Exempt Devices-Final

Issue Date – 5 July 2019
Response Date – 5 August 2019

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (“URCA”) is the governing body of the new regulatory regime established under the Communications Act, 2009 (“Comms Act”) for electronic communications in The Bahamas. URCA is responsible for licensing persons who provide, operate or maintain an electronic communications network or provide an electronic communications service. URCA may levy a range of fees for its regulatory activities.
URCA (after consultation) issued a Final Determination on 2 November 2009 (Consultation Document – ECS 24/2009) on the Class Licences, Exemptions & Types of Fees for the electronic communications sector in The Bahamas. That Final Determination set out the terms and conditions for class licenses, the criteria for license exemptions and the types of fees URCA can levy under the Comms Act.