ES 05/2018 Preliminary Determination and Draft Order issued to Bahamas Power and Light

In the matter of: Suspected Breach of Licence Conditions 9, and 17.2 and Sections 25 and 26 under the Electricity Act, 2015 (ES 05/2018)

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) has today published a Consultation Document, which addresses suspected breaches in relation to BPL’s obligation to furnish a renewable electricity plan and procedures for the procurement of utility scale renewable electricity generation within a defined period. This Public Consultation Document is listed under the above-captioned title as ES 05/2018 on URCA’s website,

The objectives of this consultation document are as follows:

  1. Set out the legal framework under which URCA has exercised its powers to issue this Preliminary Determination and Draft Order;
  2. Set out URCA’s preliminary analysis regarding BPL’s compliance or lack thereof with relevant licence conditions, the EA and regulatory measures to date;
  3. Set out the remedies URCA proposes to impose consequential to a determination that BPL failed or refused to comply with the Electricity Act, relevant licence conditions and regulatory measures;
  4. Set out URCA’s Preliminary Determination and Draft Order in relation to the instant matter; and
    Seek input and feedback on URCA’s recommendations and considerations from interested persons.
  5. URCA encourages all interested parties to make written submissions on the consultation. Initial responses to this Consultation Document should be submitted to URCA by 5 p.m. on 21 June 2018.

Written responses or comments on this Consultation Document should be sent to URCA’s Director of Utilities & Energy, either:
Frederick House, Frederick Street I P.O. Box N-4860 Nassau, Bahamas I T 242.393.0234 | F 242.393.0153 F 242.393.0237 I

By hand, to URCA’s office at Frederick House, Frederick Street, Nassau; or

By mail to P.O. Box N-4860, Nassau, Bahamas; or By fax, to (242) 393-0153; or

By email, to

The full Consultation Document can be downloaded below.