ECS 34/2016 Final Determination on Pricing Rules for Non Price Capped Service

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) has published its Final Determination and Statement of Results on the “Consultation on Proposed Revision of the Retail Pricing Rules for Price Regulated Services Not Subject to Price Cap Regulation (Non Price Capped Services)” (ECS 34/2016).

In this Final Determination, URCA presents its amendments of the “Regulation of Retail Prices for SMP Operators – Rules” (ECS 06/2014), also known as the Retail Pricing Rules or the Rules.

This Final Determination sets out URCA’s revisions to the Rules for Non Price Capped Services taking into account the responses received during the consultation period. The published document also provides URCA’s feedback on responses received to the consultation, which comprised two rounds of comments from interested persons. At the close of the initial response period (i.e., 8 July 2016) URCA received written comments from Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd. (BTC), Cable Bahamas Limited (CBL), and New2015 Limited (NewCo). In the second consultation round responses were received from BTC and CBL.