ES 14/2023 – Guidelines for the Inspection of Licencees in the Electricity Sector

In exercise of the powers and duties conferred upon it by Section 38(3)(c) of the Electricity Act, 2015,

(“the EA”) the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (“URCA”) hereby issues the following

guidelines. These guidelines may be cited as the “Guidelines for The Inspection of Licensees in the

Electricity Sector” (the “Guidelines”).

URCA is mandated to carry out periodic inspections of licensees to ensure inter alia, compliance with

the EA, other competent legislation, and license conditions governing the operation of the of the


URCA proposes that inspections not unduly disrupt the operation of the licensee. Hence, the intent of

the guidelines is to provide clarity on the process and requirements of the various parties involved in

the inspection.

The following sections describe the types of inspections to be carried out and provide further

information on the responsibilities of the licensee to facilitate the inspection.