ES 08/2023 – Guidelines for the Inspection of Licensees in the Electricity Sector

URCA is issuing this consultation in furtherance of Section 32 of the EA anent the “Inspection of Public Electricity Suppliers in the Family Islands” and section 40(6) of the EA regarding the inspection of “any electrical installation or apparatus of BPL or any other public electricity supplier”. The procedures, as set forth in these proposed guidelines, seek to establish the relevant entities to whom the inspections will apply as well as the scope, frequency, and format for the technical inspections of PESL and APESL, (special licensees), facilities for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The term “special licensees” refers to holders of either a Public Electricity Suppliers License (PESL) or an Authorized Public Electricity Suppliers License (APESL) and is used interchangeably with these terms.

The guidelines seek to:
• Establish the reasons for the performance of annual inspections.
• Identify the entities to whom the inspections will apply along with exemptions where appropriate;
• Describe the inspections and when they will be conducted along with the location of the inspections; and
• Received feedback from stakeholders regarding the general format of the proposed inspections.