ES 08/2021 URCA Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Scheme for Disputes between Licensees and Independent Power Producers for the Electricity Sector in The Bahamas

URCA issues this consultation document on the draft ADR Scheme for the ES which is encapsulated in the Rules annexed to this consultation document (“the Draft Rules”). URCA proposes to apply the Draft Rules to licensees who have been issued a Public Electricity Supplier License (“PESL”), Authorised Public Electricity Supplier License (“APESL”), or Independent Power Producer License (“IPPL”).

The ADR scheme aims to provide practical guidance for the step-by-step handling of disputes between IPPs and licensees and should also inform the parties to a dispute of the level of response and action to be expected from URCA in the ADR process. In this consultation process, URCA is focused on establishing a scheme that is objective, fair, timely, transparent, and suitable to the relevant dispute so that parties can be confident that their dispute will be effectively and efficiently resolved.