ES 06/2023 Standard for Power Quality and Reliability in Electric Power Systems

As service quality regulation is still evolving, a lighter touch to service standards is being adopted in those sectors where competition is maturing. However, in those sectors where industries are operating in monopolistic markets such as The Bahamas, the service standards being imposed by [URCA] are intended to ensure that the customer is supplied with a high-quality service that provides value for money.1
This Consultation Document is being issued to advance the following core objectives:
• To support the electricity sector policy of, inter alia the provision of “a safe reliable supply of electricity” and the advancement of the EA 2015mandate to, inter alia, promote good utility practice and to ensure that PES operate in accordance with consumer protection standards.
• In compliance with the requirement of the EA 2015 for URCA to issue regulations on the standard of service and quality of electricity supply systems and equipment.
• To provide guidance to PESL and APSEL with respect to the provision of service standards in accordance with section 29 of the PESL and 28 of the APESL licenses.
• To protect the interests of consumers connected to the grid and provide guidance on
the expected voltage, frequency and other technical deviations that may be expected
when connecting to the grid.
• To reestablish standards for the supply of electricity which were applied under
legislation prior to the 2015 ES regulatory regime.