The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (“URCA”) is the independent regulator and competition authority for the electricity sector in The Bahamas[1].  The primary role of URCA is the regulation of the sector in accordance with the goals, objectives, and principles underpinning the national energy and electricity sector policies.[2]  Fundamental to these are the encouragement of competition and the provision of least-cost electricity supplies to consumers[3], which means charges must be reasonable and reflect efficiently incurred costs.[4]  As licensees primarily incur costs through their procurement activities, URCA has drafted regulations to address the same.  Per the requirements of the Electricity Act 2015 (“EA”), URCA has a duty to consult on such matters.[5]  Accordingly, this document sets out, for public consultation, draft procurement regulations for licensees within the electricity sector.


URCA intends for the proposed measures to be efficient and proportionate to their purpose, fair, and non-discriminatory.  As such, URCA is seeking feedback from stakeholders on all aspects of the draft regulations.  The consultation will close at 5:00 p.m. on 5 May 2020.

1.1       How to Respond to this Consultation Document

URCA invites written comments from members of the public, licensees and interested parties on the draft regulations set out in this consultation document.  Submissions must be made in writing, addressed to the Director Utilities and Energy, and delivered:

  • by hand to Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority, Frederick House, Frederick Street, New Providence, Bahamas; or
  • by email to; or
  • by facsimile to (242) 393-0237.

In responding, you are asked to:

  • Include your name;
  • Name of your organization (if applicable);
  • Email address (preferred) or other suitable contact information; and
  • Reference each response to the associated question or section of the draft regulations to which your comment is related.
  • In your response to a question or section, if you do not agree with the content or position state the reason why and propose any amendments to that section.

URCA will consider any comments it receives from persons which are made within the timeframe and manner specified above and are not withdrawn by the person.

[1] Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (Amendment) Act 2015 and the Electricity Act 2015, section 22

[2] Electricity Act 2015, section 37(1)

[3] Electricity Act 2015, section 5

[4] Electricity Act 2015, section 38(1)(a)

[5] Electricity Act 2015, Part VIII