ES 05/2019 Guidelines for the Approval of Renewable Energy Self-Generation Projects Small Commercial and Government Consultation Document

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA), pursuant to Part V of the Electricity Act, 2015 (EA), is empowered to provide guidelines for the approval of Renewable Energy Self-Generation (RESG) projects. In so doing, URCA must have due regard to the Government’s National Energy Policy (NEP) and Electricity Sector Policy (ESP) objectives, whilst ensuring that the rules and established processes are consistent with applicable legislation. The legal framework for the EA places upon URCA the responsibility to take such action as it may deem necessary to ensure the availability, security, and reliability of Renewable Energy (RE) consistent with the NEP.
This document sets out for consultation with interested stakeholders proposed Guidelines for the approval by URCA of RESG projects advanced by the Government and small-scale business or commercial enterprises, as provided for in s 28 of the EA.