ECS 67/2019 Wholesale Fixed and Mobile Termination Rates for SMP Licensees

In this document, the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (“URCA”) sets out its preliminary views on how to determine forward-looking, cost-oriented rates for wholesale fixed and mobile termination services in The Bahamas. Taking into account the time it will take to derive forward-looking cost-oriented rates, the elapsed time since the current rates were set, and the prevailing level of these rates, URCA also assesses the merits of setting interim termination rates, prior to moving to full cost orientation. In particular, this document has the following core objectives:
 to set out the appropriate framework for setting forward-looking, cost-oriented termination rates in The Bahamas, taking into account both theoretical and practical considerations;1
 to assess the merits of setting interim termination rates until the forward-looking, cost-oriented rates are available;
 to set forth the proposed interim termination rates, informed by a benchmarking exercise; and
 to invite comments from stakeholders on URCA’s proposals.