ECS 10/2023 URCA ECS Consultation Revised 2023 Consumer Protection Regulations

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (‘URCA’) issues this consultation document on its proposed revisions to the Consumer Protection Regulations (ECS 19/2013) for the electronic communications sector (ECS). The Consumer Protection Regulations (‘Regulations’) were originally published on 30 December 2013 followed by revised document referred to as Version 1.0.1 published on 7 February 2014.1
Given the time that has passed since the Regulations were published, changes that have occurred in the sector markets, and URCA’s experience with handling consumer complaints since 2013, URCA’s proposed revisions intend to:
• make the Regulations up-to-date and fit for purpose;
• clarify ambiguous Parts of the Regulations; and
• issue new measures in areas where consumers were not protected.
The objectives of this consultation are to:
(i) present URCA’s proposed revisions to the Regulations;
(ii) invite feedback from the public on the proposed revisions; and
(iii) invite comments on Parts of the Regulations that were not included in the proposed revisions.
When submitting responses, URCA urges respondents to provide supporting explanations in their submissions. URCA will then review the responses received and publish a Statement of Results on the consultation along with the final Regulations.