ECS 01/2022 Preliminary Determination Retail Cellular Mobile Market Review and Assessment under Section 39(1) and (2) of the Communications Act, 2009

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (“URCA”) issued a Preliminary Determination on its Retail Cellular Mobile Market Review and Assessment in accordance with Section 39(1) of the Communications Act, 2009. The exercise fulfills the Regulator’s statutory mandate to complete periodic reviews of the country’s mobile sector and is the first such review since mobile liberalization in 2016.

URCA highlights the aim of the consultation as follows:
• To identify the scope of the relevant market for retail mobile service;
• To identify Licensees that are singly or jointly dominant in the relevant market;
• To assess whether or not to impose, amend, or withdraw regulatory obligations relating to retail mobile services; and
• To invite written comments on URCA’s review and provisional findings.

URCA now invites written feedback from Licensees and other segments of Bahamian society on its preliminary findings and supporting arguments as set out in sections 4 and 5.