ECS 05/2017 Consultation on Measures for the Collection and Reporting of Market Data by Specified Licensees in the Electronic Communications Sector

Today, the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (“URCA”) published a public consultation document on its proposal to introduce new measures of collecting and reporting market information in the electronic communications sector. The full document is available for download from URCA’s website at

URCA is the official source of information on the Bahamian electronic communications sector for use by its stakeholders, including government departments, the private sector, academic institutions, international organizations, analysts and the public. URCA also requires information and market data to effectively discharge its functions and role under the Communications Act, 2009 (Comms Act). Therefore, in accordance with section 8(1)(k) of the Comms Act and relevant license conditions, URCA may require any licensee to furnish information and submit returns in relation to its operations at intervals as URCA may reasonably require.

The consultation document sets out the new format for the collection and reporting of market information by specified licensees in the electronic communications sector, including providers of internet, pay TV services (include cable), fixed telephony, cellular mobile services and business connectivity services. URCA invites and welcomes all written representations from licensees, the general public and all interested parties on the matters set out in the ECS 05/2017 consultation document. The deadline for written submissions and comments is 5:00 pm on Monday 31 July 2017.

Written submissions and comments should be submitted to URCA: 1. by hand to the Chief Executive Officer, Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority, Fredrick House, Fredrick Street, Nassau, Bahamas; or 2. by email to; or 3. by mail P.O. Box N-860, Nassau, Bahamas; or 4. by facsimile to 393-0237.