URCA Reviews Retail Pricing Regulations

On November 4, 2013 the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) published for public consultation a “Proposed Review and Revisions to the Regulation of Retail Prices for SMP Operators – Rules” [URCA document reference ECS 16/2013]. The document revises the retail pricing framework released in April 2010 [URCA document reference ECS 15/2010].

As per the intent of that initial 2010 release, URCA and the industry have been able to assess how the Rules have functioned since being implemented. This consultation therefore seeks to:

  • Address concerns raised by the Bahamas Telecommunication Company Limited (BTC) and Cable Bahamas Limited (CBL) on how the Rules function.
  • Provide clarity and further guidance to the industry on key requirements of the Rules.
  • Further the interests of persons of The Bahamas in relation to the electronic communications sector (ECS).
  • Ensure that the Rules process and requirements continue to remain compliant with the Communications Act.

Responses to the consultation should be received no later than December 6, 2013.

A copy of the full press release, the consultation document and annex may be downloaded by following the respective PDF document links below.