URCA Release on 5G Public Consultation

For Immediate Release
NASSAU, THE BAHAMAS (5 MAY 2023) – URCA is pleased to announce the release of its
Public Consultation on the Demand for Enhanced Internet Connectivity and 5G in The
In recent years, the demand for internet services and usage of mobile data services has
been growing exponentially in The Bahamas and worldwide.
Anticipated increases in traffic and growth in the number of devices and services, as well
as the demand for enhanced affordability and user experience will thus likely require
enhanced internet connectivity solutions.
Public Consultation Document ECS 06/2023 was crafted after URCA conducted a public
engagement exercise to assess the use cases and demand for enhanced internet
connectivity, including the Fifth Generation of International Mobile Communications
technology (5G) for broadband mobile networks, in The Bahamas during the latter part of
URCA engaged with a wide range of stakeholders, including representatives of various
sectors within the Bahamian economy, operators licensed to provide electronic
communications services within The Bahamas and members of the public in The
Bahamas, through surveys, interviews, and other methods and measurements.
URCA believes that this exercise provided valuable insight on the varying views and
observations of fixed and mobile internet services currently available in The Bahamas
and the demand and use cases for enhanced internet connectivity, such as 5G services,
in The Bahamas.
In this Consultation Document, URCA provides a summary overview of the main
responses to the stakeholder engagement process to date; sets out its preliminary views
on the key findings from this engagement process; and sets out its proposed next steps.
URCA’s Director of Electronic Communications, Rupert Pinder, said URCA must ensure
that The Bahamas is poised to adapt as Information and Communication Technologies
(ICT) evolve.
“ICT developments like 5G technology have the capacity to further advance the progress
of The Bahamas both socially and economically,” Pinder said.
“It is essential that URCA engages with the public with a view to educating those
unfamiliar with the latest generation of mobile network technology, and getting broader
feedback from the wider population and those who are involved in the ICT sector.”
URCA invites responses from all stakeholders, including the public and other interested
Responses must be submitted to URCA by 5 p.m. Monday, 5 June 2023.
Visit www.urcabahamas.bs to learn more.

A copy of the document can be found HERE