URCA Approves Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) Consumer Protection Plan

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority, URCA, advises the public that in accordance with the Electricity Act 2015, EA, it has approved the Consumer Protection Plan, CPP submitted by The Bahamas Power Company Ltd, BPL.  The CPP was approved following URCA’s thorough review and analysis of the amended document, revised at URCA’s request in exercise of URCA’s power under section 40(4) and (5) of the EA.  Prior to approving the CPP, URCA issued a Statements of Results and final Determination ES 06/2018 on 22 August 2018. 

The CPP covers standards to which BPL will be held accountable as regards, new connections, management of consumer complaints, billing concerns and dispute resolution.

The public may recall that this process to approve BPL’s CPP which begun in 2017, commenced with the submission by BPL of its proposed CPP on 25 February 2017, in accordance with the provisions of section 40 of the EA.  In further compliance with s 40, URCA conducted a consultation on BPL’s CPP commencing with the issuance on 29 May 2017 of its “Consultation Document on: The Bahamas Power and Light’s Consumer Protection Plan” (ES 04/2017). During the consultation process, URCA received comments from the general public during town meetings held in New Providence, Abaco and Eleuthera, but no written comments were submitted.

Following the consultation process, BPL was advised of changes needed to be made to the CPP.  The changes were based on comments received during the consultation process as well as industry’s best practice.  Following several requests for the amended CPP, the revised document was submitted to URCA 29 August 2019.

URCA is now satisfied that the revised CPP has taken into consideration and incorporated all of URCA’s requests and recommendations.

In accordance with its licence (PESL – 18 – 0001) BPL is now required toimplement the CPP; monitor its performance against such key performance indicators as set out in its licence or in any regulatory measures issued by URCA.  Additionally, BPL shall publish the CPP on its website and notify its consumers within thirty (30) calendar days of the approval and ensure easy access by customers.   

URCA reminds the public that the CPP pertains only to BPL.  URCA is in the process of amending its existing Consumer Protection Regulations which will pertain to consumers in all of the regulated sectors and designated service providers.

The approved BPL’s CPP can be downloaded from URCA’s website here

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Mavis Johnson-Collie,

Corporate & Consumer Relations Manager

Utilities Regulation & Competition Authority

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